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The transformation of Triumph International from a tiny Southern German corset factory back in 1886 into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lingerie and underwear is a global success story. Triumph today enjoys a presence in over 120 countries all across the world. For its brands Triumph and Sloggi, the company develops, produces…



Suntegrity Face and Body SPF 30 products use only the best known physical block ingredient (non-nano size zinc oxide) to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and super anti-oxidants and amino acids to enhance that protection and help with skin repair. They use non-toxic preservatives to maintain their products’ integrity without sacrificing …

Living Nature

Living Nature believes beauty starts from within. This belief has grown into a fiercely proud New Zealand natural skincare and cosmetics company. Living Nature has blazed the trail for natural skincare, and you won’t find any synthetic materials in any of their products. Based in Kerikeri, within the unspoilt beauty of the sunny Bay…



Formulated for women and for men, who are looking for uncomplicated skin care management, which can safely and effectively improve the overall appearance and health of their skin. Schaf products contain a unique blend of plant extracts formulated to clean, nurture, and protect your skin, utilizing natural and organic…

Centella /Hydraflore

Made in France and purely organic, Centella was founded in 1972 and has a wide range of products customized to suit all skin types, including sensitive skin. Key ingredients in Centella products namely include Pure Spring Water, which effectively improves blood circulation and regenerates skin cells; Centella Asiatica Extract, which helps promote collagen…



Made4baby is a New Zealand natural skin care brand, specializing in babies and children.
The “4” stands for the decision which Founder, Rebecca McLeod, made regarding the ingredients: No harsh detergents (which create lather), No petrochemicals (baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil)…



Karmy’s sleepwear uses luxurious combed cotton. This special process removes impurities and short fibers from the yarn before spinning, and creates a fine quality yarn, which is soft to the touch. Back neck facings are a comfort feature of Karmy’s sleepwear. Shoulder seams are taped to prevent stretching and to increase durability. Seams are overlocked to maintain softness near to the body…



Esse means ‘to be’ in Latin. The brand initially established itself in the nascent organic skincare market in South Africa. In 2009, the company began its move into probiotic skincare…



The daily stressors of modern life invites unfriendly bacteria and yeasts into our bodies – producing irritable and bad digestion, food allergies, headaches, skin breakouts, and other more…


100% PURE

100% PURE® goes beyond just our name and our ingredients. It is a commitment to produce the purest products, and to promote clean, healthier living. We feel extremely fortunate that our commitment to a better world can be translated into potent, result-driven products…



SAMAYA is an all-natural skincare brand based on Ayurvedic principles, which helps you achieve samadosha or a ‘perfect balance’ in your life, beginning with your skin. It combines two Sanskrit words: sama, ‘balance’ and alaya, ‘place’ to create a ‘place of balance’…


  • What is Ayurveda and how it will benefit you?

    We have added a new all-natural product line, Samaya, which focuses on healthy skincare using Ayurvedic principles. Have you heard of Ayurveda? For those of you who are not quite sure what it is or how it works, we wanted to take the time to shed some light on the subject. Ayurveda is a health […]

  • How to Wear Your Bra the Correct Way

    Did you notice the various beautiful posters inside our fitting rooms? One of the posters teaches you how to wear your bra the correct way. Read on to find out if you have been doing it wrongly all the time… The post How to Wear Your Bra the Correct Way appeared first on Juneberries Haven […]

  • The Truth About Facial Oils

    For most of us, our adolescent years are filled with memories of pimples and oily skin. We’re taught that oil is the enemy. We need to keep it in check with harsh astringents and scrubs, purge all oil-like products from our vanity. So, when facial oils became the skincare trend du jour, it […]


    For a woman, opening up a beautifully organized drawer of lingerie each morning can be one of life’s small pleasures. So, let’s start to declutter and get our lingerie organized:   Step 1: Out With the Old Take all your bras and panties and sort them into only two piles: “to […]


    Are you aware that your microbiome will take a hit and may be permanently altered by taking antibiotics? You may have voiced your desire to avoid antibiotics and queried your doctor about whether they are absolutely necessary, but the final verdict is that a course of antibiotics is definitely […]


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